About Emma Johnston

Hello, I’m so glad you’re here.

I am a modern day meditator; a “householder meditator”.  Someone in the real world with work commitments, bustling businesses; family; parental & social commitments.  I teach people, with the same modern day commitments to integrate this simple yet profound practice into their lives.  And nothing makes my heart sing more than to hear the positive impact it has on their lives.

A little bit about me, I live in Wellington NZ, with my husband and daughter.  I moved from Australia 13 years ago; (for love) and had the opportunity to create & run a start-up business with my in-laws. I jumped in, boots & all. Our business grew, and we now own over 6 businesses with 50 + employees across 4 locations in New Zealand. We built our home in Wellington & had a baby, who is now 11 years old and a ray of freakin’ sunshine in our lives. In 2018,  I had ticked off a fair few of what western society would consider as “life goals”.    I am truly fortunate to have all of these; however there were a few thieves in my life that were robbing me of my zing & wonder for life - stress, tension & anxiety.  I found myself working, working, and well…. working; in the pursuit of the next goal, reaching those said goals with short lived elation, and a “is this it?” feeling.   There was a treadmill quality to my work & a constant striving for the next “thing”.  It had become an addiction; and just so long as there is a future to which I could work towards, whether it be a good time, a great holiday or the next big account, I would be “happy”. That endless moving target for my happiness was wearing me out.

I began the search for something to help; I wasn't sure what however there was a deep knowing inside of me that the stress levels couldn't be sustained. I came across a local meditation course with a lovely teacher. They made some pretty big promises; dipping into source; universal energy; reducing stress & anxiety & all that good stuff.  I was half sceptical & half intrigued.  I acted on my curiosity and signed up for the course.   And I’m so very grateful that I did.   For me, learning how to meditate & having a daily practice has changed how I feel in my own skin. And that IS everything.  We are living with ourselves; in our own skin 24/7, if we’re lucky - for a very long time.

How I show up, experience & engage with the world has shifted since I've had a regular meditation practice.   At first these were subtle shifts.  My anxiety; what I thought was woven into the fabric of my being; a part of my personality & was just the way I was, dissipated.  And over time, I started to notice the things that used to annoy me soooo much, the emotions that would bring me to my knees, and have me worrying non-stop were not as sticky or ever lasting, don't get me wrong - the emotions still come but they move through me so much quicker.  My recovery from stress has improved immensely, as well as my heartfelt appreciation for being human.

In 2021 I studied with Claire Robbie, founder of School of Modern Meditation in Auckland & also Awareness Insight Meditation.  A meditation style that interweaves buddhism & hinduism lineages & modern day science, to provide people with the understanding & tools to develop their own daily practice.  In 2022 I studied with Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place in Australia.  We deep dived into a meditation immersion, a beautiful exploration of various techniques & styles of meditations & I then completed their Teacher Training program.

In 2024 I studied with Ogla from Face Up Beauty to learn her incredible Face Up Method™️. A long time massage & facial 'goer', this was exactly the treatment that I'd been craving. A wholistic & nourishing approach to ageing. It's a mindful experience that connects you with your body & leaves you floating. We work with the layers underneath your skin to release deep embedded tension; to reveal radiance & encourage blood flow. This method combines functional movement "at home" to encourage mobility & flow within. I'm a big fan of any modality that helps us reconnect with our bodies & the present moment; and this one is now a favourite.

If you’re curious about meditation, if you have an inkling this might be helpful to you (pssst - it will be); lean into that soft knowing voice and please get in touch.  And if you're looking for an alternative way to age; to age with grace & gratitude; and would like to experience a Face Sculpting treatment, book now - I’d love to see you.  

My wish for everyone is to enjoy living in their own skin.  To embrace this beautiful, often complicated and truly incredible human experience.

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Meditate with me