Corporate & Group Bookings


Corporate & Group Bookings


Custom dates & length

In person or online


Stress is a key factor to underperformance, unhappiness & bad culture.  From experience, I've found it’s often not the work but the perception of the work that is creating the stress within individuals.  When we change our perception of the world, our world changes.  Yet, when we're stressed, anxious and on the go all the time, it is near impossible to shift our perception. Near impossible to change the world that we perceive.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​Emma will work with you to understand the objectives of your workplace & what you’d like your employees to gain from the sessions.  She’ll provide customised workshop series that will provide the opportunity for perception change, mental clarity & focus.  When we stop and disengage with the external world, we create a better environment for our bodies & minds to see things differently. We get to witness the stories our minds make up at warped speed, we rest, and from this place of rest, we gift ourselves the ability to change our perception.

She will also provide tangible tools & techniques for people to start using immediately to gain better focus & mental clarity, rest & de-stress the nervous system so they can have better conversations, make better decisions & find more joy in the process.


Defrag your mind Sessions (up to 20 employees per session)

Recommended frequency: monthly or fortnightly

50 minutes


* we recommend a minimum 3 sessions booked

1:1 Sessions

As needed - this can be offered to employees for those that are interested in tools & techniques to relieve stress & anxiety, improve clarity & focus.

50 minutes


We recommend regular sessions (a minimum of 3) for employees to gain the most. However there is a no minimum bookings or lock in contracts.

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