Defrag Your Mind; a mini course

For the Starter Meditator


Defrag Your Mind; a mini course

For the Starter Meditator


July 2023; dates tbc

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7pm - 7:50am

Onlive via Zoom


150 NZD

Just like our computers & devices, our minds need a defrag (a clean up), in order for them to work optimally. This 3-week mini course is an introduction to simple tools & techniques to help you move from feeling stressed & anxious to feeling more calm, open & expansive.

We'll kick off our weeks with a zoom call on Monday evenings at 7pm. Here you will learn techniques that you can easily integrate into your day moving you out of the fast lane, giving your body & nervous system a well deserved break. You'll receive weekly recorded guided meditations you can use at anytime.  And implement some at home practices you can use to help relieve stress & tension, and put a full stop from your work day, so you can feel more connected & present at home.

What's included:

  • 3 x live calls
    1. The practice of presence, moving out of the fast lane
    2. Navigating our monkey mind
    3. Focus, maximising our moments
  • Guided meditations to support you
  • Tools you can use to integrate into your day for more calm & clarity

Book a 15 min chat with Emma to determine which course is best for you. Email to organise a time.

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