The truth of sufficiency
Friday, April 8, 2022

The feeling of sufficiency, to be satisfied with what we have is a choice we get to make.  There’s a word for this in Japanese - Chisoku.  The choice belongs to us - our ego will be busy convincing us that more is better, new is better, better is better or different is better.  It’s this funny thing we can habitually fall into - making happiness a goal to reach through an external object or event.  It becomes an insatiable goal that will never be fulfilled, because we’ll never get “there” because “there” doesn’t exist.  The only true moment that ever exists is this one.  Here & now.   This doesn’t mean we don’t have passions & dreams and work hard in the direction of them; it means we live as much as we can in this moment with awareness.  And we become curious about our dreams, our goals, our lives - are they truly ours?    If our happiness is dependent on a future holiday, dollar value, the next business deal, the dream home or next promotion then it’s a never ending pursuit that will eventually either wear us out or leave us feeling dull & empty.

Words inspired by @sethgodin - daily blog 🙌🏻➡️ ➡️

“With that choice comes a remarkable sort of freedom.  The freedom to be still, to become aware and to stop hiding from the living that’s yet to be done.”

Lynne Twist also wrote about sufficiency in her book “The Soul of Money”.  She says no matter what our resources are, we have the choice to step back and let go fo the mind-set of scarcity.  Sufficiency resides in each of us.  It’s an intentional choosing of the way we think about our circumstances.    And in regards to money it’s the way we use it to express value rather than determine value.  It is a feeling that there is always enough.  If we look around and within we can find what we need & there is always enough.